• Heavy-Walled Steel Construction

• High Thrust Up To 100,000 Pounds (50 Tons) High Precision Repeatable to .0002 Inches High Speed Up To 60 Inches/Second

Founded in 1980, E-DRIVE Actuators, Inc. initially developed a wide variety of heavy duty ball screw linear actuators targeting the machine tool retrofit market. Thus, we established our guiding principles of conservative design, rugged construction, long life, and high precision. Over the years our business has grown based on our philosophy of design flexibility and rapid response to our customers’ needs. In addition to the machine tool market, our unique steel construction and long life design have attracted new markets, namely factory automation, and more specifically the replacement for hydraulic and pneumatic linear actuators. Our business has continued to grow as the demands for improved control over linear motion have increased. E-DRIVE actuators are designed, manufactured, tested, and serviced in West Hartford, CT.