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See how the U1000 Industrial Matrix increases #engeryefficiency & #cutscosts in this application case study Download PDF <> — Yaskawa America, Inc (@YASKAWA)

Red Lion Controls

Red Lion’s rugged Graphite® platform has expanded to include the compact Graphite Edge Controller. The Graphite Edge Controller is a highly scalable and rugged all-in-one industrial solution that reduces cost and complexity by combining IEC 61131 control capabilities with networking and data visualization...READ MORE


STOBER’s SMS Gearboxes for mechanical flexibility Did you know you did not have to use a planetary gearbox on every servo application? STOBER’s ServoFit Modular Series (SMS) gives you mechanical flexibility. A variety of housing and output options means you can pick what you need and mount it to your machine. Another advantage of the SMS is higher input speeds, especially on the right angle gearbox.